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Inspired by Nature

The Hive Experiences are inspired by creativity, the natural environment, and ancient wisdom. With honour and respect, aspects of teachings that have been shared at The Hive are incorporated into The Hive Signature Experiences.

When the doors of the church were re-opened to the public in 2013, Facilitators and Indigenous Leaders from all over the world often unexpectedly visited The Hive. Some stayed for a short time, others for weeks. They offered extraordinary perspectives and wisdom.

Participants were grateful to learn from and experience traditional Indigenous Ceremonies with Peruvian Shaman, Jhaimy Alvarez Costa; Gauta-Mayan Spiritual Guide, Ajq’iij Nan Shuni Giron; and Canadian Indigenous Leaders – Bear Standing Tall; Red Medicine Woman; and Chief Calvin Pompana.

Our first Indigenous Ceremony was with Peruvian Shaman, Jhaimy Alvarez Costa who held a sacred Despacho ceremony to bless the buildings and land.


We are incredibly thankful for experiences with so many Individuals who have impacted The Hive, its vision and direction including: a Plant-Based Medicine Talk & Walk with Joseph Pitawanakwat; VividLife Experiences with Shayne Traviss; Earthing with Sue Kenney; Edible Wild Food Walks with Karen Stephenson; Dentistry & Disease with Dr. Sawiak; Retreats with Franco DeNicola; Drumming Ceremonies with Gayle Crosmaz; Lomi Lomi with Randy Morrow; Kundalini Yoga with Angela Baldwin; Intuition and Voice Activation with Brenda MacIntyre; Sound Healing with Pamela Jane Gerrand, and many others.

Connect with us to add your name to a list of interested participants or gather a group of 6+ friends, family or colleagues for a private experience.

Nature of Self - Day Retreat

With the new world in my mind, an intimate get-away retreat has been designed to help you connect to yourself and nature.

The all-day Nature of Self Retreat takes you on an inward and outward voyage. Set your intentions, take a walk on the grounds to learn about wild food, savour the flavour of local vegan cuisine, enjoy the benefits of forest therapy, discover your Mayan Day energy, create a mandala made of all natural materials and participate in a closing fireside ceremony.

Relax and unwind while you go on a personal journey of expansion, growth and learning in a safe and inclusive space.

7 hrs

Business Day Retreat

Reconnect, Refocus, Revive

Are you looking for innovative solutions to progress your business and team collaborations? The Hive Business Day Retreats are perfect for breaking free from the every day thought patterns and activities that are holding your business down.

Enjoy an inspiring all day session at The Hive and discover the creative abilities and directions your business and team can take advantage of.

6 hrs

Wild Food Walk & Tasting

Enjoy a rejuvenating, educational walk to learn about the food beneath our feet and all around us.

  • Learn about plants and collect wild food
  • Experience an outdoor wild tea infusion session
  • Enjoy the health benefits of taking a walk in the woods
  • Participate in a wild food tasting


Join us for an activity that engages the senses and savour the flavours of the wild!

3 hrs

Circle Back to Nature Experience

Connect to nature and yourself. Go on a calming journey and re-discover the power of intention and creativity.

This creative workshop is designed to help you set intentions, access your inner guidance, and tap into creative expression.

Learn about the use of plants in various Indigenous cultures.

Set intentions and create a meaningful artwork made with natural materials.

Reflect, explore and create in an encouraging and supportive environment. Re-discover the calming and stimulating power of nature and creativity.

3 hours

Nature of Self - Art Series

Nature of Self Art Series is a program designed to help individuals and groups connect to themselves, nature and each other.

Participants will engage in a 4-week process of self discovery by connecting with nature, releasing through creative expression and gaining tools to help navigate challenges and build resiliency.

Concepts related to setting intentions, affirmations, gratitude and goals will be explored. Participate in a meaningful, creative experience without attachment to the outcome.

The Nature of Self Art Series is a great personal growth and team building exercise – perfect for corporations, non-profit organizations, networking groups and youth. Available to groups of 4 people of more – at The Hive Centre or other location.

3 hour sessions, 4 weeks

*From The Hive Total BEEing – BEE Creative Art Series

The Journey of Discovery

Connect to nature, creativity and yourself