Nature, Trails, Stream

The Hive Forest

Prior to 2000, the forested property to the North of The Hive was not accessible due to dangerous debris and garbage. A great deal of work has gone into clearing the forested area that belongs to The Hive.

Unobtrusive trails (beginning at The Hive and leading to the nature reserve and creek) were created to offer guests an opportunity to walk through the forest and experience nature in solitude without disrupting the ecosystem surrounding it.

The Hive property is abundant with Maple, Eastern White Cedar and Pine trees as well as some Spruce, Poplar, Yellow Birch and Black Cherry.

Commemorative Forest

The church and house are both uniquely connected to the forest. The Hive property is the original land-owner of the entire wooded area. The heritage church was considered the entrance to the forest and bears a plaque to honour entities and individuals who contributed to the Conservation Movement in Ontario.

To the North Lies the WILMOT CREEK COMMEMORATIVE FOREST Acquired With The Assistance of the Nature Conservancy of Canada, The Ontario Conservation Authorities and the Province of Ontario in Honour of Dr. A. H. Richardson, A.S.L. Barnes and J.D. Thomas, whose vision and dedication contributed immeasurably to the Conservation Movement in Ontario.