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Nature Connection

The Hive Centre and Stay are intimately connected to the Wilmot Creek Commemorative Forest.  

The property that is The Hive was the original land owner of the entire 20 acre reserve. A portion of the forest was conveyed to the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority in 1979 to protect the Wilmot Creek and to commemorate individuals and entities who had a significant impact on the Conservation Movement in Ontario.

The heritage church, The Hive Centre, bears the plaque that designates the forest as a Commemorative Forest. A Dedication Ceremony took place on June 11, 1980. A plaque was affixed to the church which was considered the entrance to the site. When the church became privately owned 15 years later, access to the forest through the church was not available to the public. At that time, the woods was filled with discarded items and dangerous debris. 

The goal has been to restore the historical purpose and intention of the nature reserve as a Commemorative Forest. The Hive offers individuals and small groups intimate and exclusive experiences that often serve as a gateway to honouring nature.

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