The Hive Plants

Let It Grow

The Hive is continuously re-wilding. Learning about the plants that grow here has been a 20+ year process. It is an ever-evolving relationship that continues to deepen.

Many species of insects, animals and reptiles benefit from wild plants… rabbits eat leaves, snakes seek shelter, birds feed their young, toads enjoy the shade…

Knowledge about plants is shared through The Hive Experiences. Participants see, feel, touch and taste wild plants. It is truly a multi-sensory experience that can strengthen our connection to the land.

Let It Bee Garden

On August 20, 2017, on the National Day of Honey, The Hive inaugurated the Let It Bee Garden by planting bee-friendly plants in a designated area, following a presentation from Dare2Bee Founder, Steve Lawrence. 

The Let It Bee Garden has gone wild! The garden feeds many local wildlife species and is a source of wild food and medicine for guests who participate in The Hive Experiences. Over 30 varieties of plant medicine / edible wild plants are on-site.