Honey bee that lives in the hive at The Hive Centre and Stay

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Bees have been around since pre-historic times (80million+ years). So important is their role in our eco-system that we would not survive in a world without bees. Bees are rich in symbolism representing higher consciousness, the soul, creativity, death and re-birth. Bees are the only insects that produce food that is eaten by humans and the only food source that doesn’t spoil – rich in both nutritional and medicinal healing properties.

Honey Bees have lived at the church (The Hive Centre) since 2000. Neighbours have noted that the Bees have always been there (at least 50 years). The Bees are friendly and docile when handled with care.

In 2014, a good friend, Marylynne Stella, suggested that we name our business “The Hive”. 

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