Burning Beeswax Cleans the Air

Beeswax candle held by heart hands illuminated by flame

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Many of us are burning paraffin candles without realizing the serious health implications. When paraffin is burned, black carcinogens fill the air and enter our bodies. 100% Pure Cappings Beeswax is the only fuel known to modern and ancient science that emits Negative Ions when burned.

Positive Ions are airborne toxins that can present health problems, especially for people with allergies or asthma. Positive Ions  are often generated by motors, computers, heating/cooling systems and burning paraffin candles.

Negative Ions clean the air by removing dust, odours, tobacco smoke, pollen, mould, dust mite feces, viruses and environmental toxins. When Negative Ions are present they bind with Positive Ions to create complete molecules resulting in a balanced charge and a heavier weight mass. Pollutants fall to the ground where they become dust or dirt, easily removed with a vacuum.

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