Let’s Chat with Shayne Traviss

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Your Vivid Life’s Shayne Traviss, hosted a Let’s Chat zoom call – it was an eye-opening discussion about what people are experiencing and how we can move forward sustainably.

He was joined by musician Jeremiah Hill and The Hive Co-owner, Elsii Faria. The three of them enjoyed a hearty laugh before engaging with a full zoom room.

Shayne has a great ability to provide insight, direct and encapsulate a conversation. I love his “Common Thread” statement about the event:

“We’ve all experienced (are experiencing) the wrath of a pandemic never experienced before in our lifetime, sending us on a roller coaster like journey. Some days lifting our hands and enjoying the ride, and some, holding our breathe.

But at the heart of all hearts was the soulful wisdom, ‘the common thread’ that each and every one of us shared; a deeper connection to ourselves (our truth), to others (our families, and friends) to nature (our planet), and a powerful desire to do better for all going forward. Just like Dorothy from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ we have been sent on an outward journey inward. To return home (to ourselves) with the very wisdom we needed to live more fulfilled (Vivid) lives going forward.”

Musical performances by Jeremiah Hill set the tone on the way in and out with “All We Need Is Love” and “Feeling Good”




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